Who is IBOLYA?
Two girlfriends with a self-willed look at fashion: Iby Csanyi Fritz and Maaike Bartman. These two enterprising women are the driving force behind the refreshing fashion label IBOLYA (pronounce: Eboya). In other fashion stores they could never find the things they liked, their favorite style was lacking. With a penchant for nostalgia and a liking for simple, but stylish fashion, in 2010 they decided to start their own fashion label.

The 60s revisited
The ideas for their designs derive from the ‘swinging Sixties’, the era of Mary Quant, the English fashion designer, and the famous fashion model Twiggy. Old videos, photographs and magazins like Vogue are their inspiration. Although the sketches from Iby and Maaike’s drawing table are inspired by the fashion of the Sixties, the dresses definitely are adapted to the present. Modern designs and patterns, dresses, skirts with pockets, supple materials: needless to say that we want to be elegant on a bike too!

Made in Amsterdam
A genuine IBOLYA is an Amsterdam originated product. Designed and made in Amsterdam in cooperation with an Amsterdam based atelier. Thus Iby and Maaike are able to keep an eye on the production from close-by. They also know that working conditions in the atelier are fine.

Fit for you?
The IBOLYA woman is just a little bit different than others. She looks for elegant, stylish and easy-to-wear fashion. No mass production but unique items. Strong colors and an original twist. That’s IBOLYA’s strength. Young, old, trendy, traditional, small or large? We have your dress!

Fit to measure
Is the dress or skirt too short or too long? Do you have any other specific wishes? No problem! IBOLYA thinks along with you to fit the dress to your measurements. At IBOLYA’s every single woman leaves the shop with the perfect dress or skirt.

Iby’s Hungarian father had a foresight when he named his daughter Ibolya. It means: Forget-me-not.

IBOLYA: dresses and skirts to remember!