Ingrid and Linda

Ingrid and Linda from Groningen in their Ibolya dress.

Fanny – Jiffy green

Fanny from Norway choose the ‘Jiffy green’, good choice for this beautiful day in the summer!

Aleide – Maaike green black

Aleide from Zutphen was shopping with her mother in Amsterdam. She immediately fell in love with the ‘Maaike dress’. Perfect choice!  

Janneke – Basic black yellow

Janneke invented a new store called IBOLYA!

Karin – twig black green

Karin visited our shop to buy the ‘Kiki red’ but she decided to go for this lovely dress.

Janice – Plain black blue

Janice from South Africa with her friends from Australia and Germany . Was pleasantly surprised with the IBOLYA dress ‘Plain black and blue’.

Barbara – Plain blue black Mari-Lieke Spike green

Barbara is already fan of IBOLYA, and this time she took Mari-Lieke to our shop. Here in the IBOLYA dresses ” Plain blue black ” and ” Spike green ‘!

Carolien – Basic black green

Carolien from Amsterdam, just back from a week’s holiday had admired a friend wearing an IBOLYA and decided to have one herself! She bought the ‘basic black and green. “

Tatjana – Cardy ocker yellow

Well, that’s not an easy choice ! Tatjana, a regular customer, finally went for the IBOLYA dress ‘ Cardy ocher yellow .

Laura – Twig black green

Laura from Deventer visited Amsterdam with her friends and she wasn’t looking for a dress but couldn’t resist this beautiful dress called ‘Twig black green’.

Naomi – Iby purple blue

Naomi from New York in Amsterdam with her new purchase the “Iby purple blue’!

Elena – Comfy purple orange

Elena from Germay loves to wear dresses. She choose for this beautiful dress named ‘Comfy purple orange’. She is happy with her new dress!

Mirjam – Cardy checkered

Miriam form Rotterdam loves dresses. She passed by, looked around, went away and later on she came back and tried most of the Ibolya dresses. Finally Mirjam decided to choose the ‘Cardy checkered’ dress.

Nathalie – Kiki light blue

Natalie from Berlin here in IBOLYA dress ‘ Kiki light blue’! She likes it so much that she doesn’t want to undress so she leaves the shop in her new outfit.

An – Bo petrol white

An and Ulrike spend a weekend in Amsterdam to enjoy some shopping. They found our little store IBOLYA and tried on nearly all dresses and everything looks just great ! Here in IBOLYA dress ‘ BO Navy .  

Fenna – Jiffy red orange

Fenna from Heiloo is shopping with her ​​mother in The 9 Streets . Here in IBOLYA dress ‘ Jiffy red orange ” but finally she chose the ‘Suzi petrol’.  

René – Paradiso blue petrol

René had spotted our dresses in Shocking Blue Amsterdam and wanted to see more of our collection. All her dresses are beautiful! Here she wears the IBOLYA dress ‘Paradiso blue/petrol’

Manon – Easy red

What special customers do we often have in our store! For example, Manon Ossevoort traveled from Terschelling to the South Pole … on a red tractor ( ). And yes, a red tractor fits well with the IBOLYA ‘Easy Red ‘, a beautiful red dress.

Marieke – Bo petrol white Rinskje – Basic black green

Marieke and Rinskje here in the IBOLYA dresses ‘Bo petrol white’ and the classic ‘Basic black green’ . Looks beautiful on you, ladies!

Tatjana – Paradiso petrol green

Tatjana from Germany immediately fell in love with the IBOLYA dress Paradiso petrol green ‘!

Jessica – Twig black white

Jessica, crazy about IBOLYA, was again just over from Germany. ” I wear your clothes during presentations , for the additional power “ ! Here in the IBOLYA dress ‘Twig black with white zipper’ .

Joyce – Styly denim

Joyce from Tilburg a weekend out with her ​​friends. An annual tradition. Here in IBOLYA dress ‘ Styly denim “, approved by all her friends !